Thursday, July 11, 2019

Birthday 2019 - Part 2 A Trip to the Zoo

Since today was my birthday, I got to pick the activity.  When I stepped outside, I was shocked that the temps weren't in the high nineties with humidity to match. It is almost unheard of for St Louis in July to have a day as weather perfect today. So I chose the Zoo as today's activity.

I know some people don't like zoos. They say they can't stand to see animals in cages, pens or behind bars. The St Louis Zoo is a bit different. They are leaders in animal conservation, research and conservation. 

We spent a  2 hours or so walking or riding the tram to see some of our favorite animals. Here are a few of them:

Nap Time

 Feeding Time

 The penguin below is a baby emperor. His beak is still black. A zookeeper told us his name is Stephen...last name King for Stephen King. 

 The Zoo's newest baby zebra is pictured below.

 Basking in the sun

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