Sunday, July 14, 2013

A DDD Themed Birthday Party

It's no secret that Chris and I are addicted to DDD...the Food Network Show starring Guy Fieri..."Diners, Drive-ins &Dives". We have been to restaurants featured on the show in Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska. We had planned adding Tennessee to our list of DDD places...but decided that home repairs needed to take precedence.

Chris was discussing how our plans fell through with her sisters. She was disappointed because the trip was supposed to be part of  my 60th birthday celebration. One of her sisters suggested having a DDD themed birthday party for me. Chris loved the idea so she sprung into action. She sent out the invites...instead of presents bring a DDD inspired dish. Recipes are on the Food Network site.

The party was last night. There were some outstanding dishes. It's hard to pick a favorite. Chris used the recipe to make fried chicken from Big Mama's in Omaha. Jerry and Freddie made BBQ spaghetti from Highway 61 Roadhouse. Christopher brought Jambalaya. Rich and Linda brought BBQ ribs. Ann made a wonderful salsa. John brought super cole slaw. I'm not sure what the Tex Mex chicken recipe that Mona and Cletus brought is called. Add to that watermelon...meat and cheese platters and there was food galore...and it was all wonderful. 

If I missed anyone, I apologize...I am old after all. They say the memory is the first to go...and I can't remember who they are.

Rich and Linda, Mom, John and Donna, Eric and Amy thank you all  for the gifts...I appreciate them even though they weren't necessary. A special thank you to Connie for all the assistance you gave Chris with party prep, errands, cleaning etc...I know Chris ran you ragged. We both appreciate it...although I have to get back at you for the the senior citizen cane. Be afraid...very, very afraid.

DDD and me
 photo 100_1400_zpsd1d6128a.jpg

Chris and Ron next to DDD sign
 photo 100_1402_zps4e8f7d10.jpg

Jerry, Freddie, and Mona next to th spread
 photo 100_1403_zps113873c9.jpg

The Spread
 photo 100_1404_zps48d60c5f.jpg

Spider-Man Balloons...what can I say...Chris decorated
 photo 100_1398_zpsf28fec1c.jpg

The Spider-Man Cake...again Chris did it. It was a neat idea from Sam's Club. It was 30 cupcakes with icing making it look like a web cake. It was a hit.
 photo C98203F6-78CC-4E46-933D-68771E5E24BD-2145-0000094F74AEEF32_zps8c78195f.jpg 
Even though I'm 60, I still like Spidey...However, I'm not sure I would have chosen him as decorations or cake. LOL

There was more food than the 25 of us could eat. Plenty of leftovers for the week. I think everyone enjoyed themselves...and as for me...being another year older with aches and pains...still beats the alternative. Doesn't it?


Amy @ Consecrated Housewife said...

Love the pics, looks like you had lots of great food. Happy (belated) birthday Uncle Ron!!

I heard you guys liked DDD, I've never watched it but now I'm curious so I'll have to check it out. I'm the type that always eats the same thing at my favorite restaurants (I figure, I already know what I like, why mess with it)?

Bookworm said...

Thanks...The food was awesome. We try the food that has been on the show. Sometimes it's really good...sometimes not so good...but it's an adventure.

The two spiciest things I thing we've (I) tried were Cajasian pot stickers...and an Afroburger.

Bella said...

happy belated b-day!

Bookworm said...

Thanks for the B-day wishes...Sorry it took me me so long to thank you.