Monday, February 9, 2015

Earwigs...It's all about that bass...or is it?

Have you ever had an earwig problem? I'm not talking about the insect...I'm talking about theat song you can't get out of your mind. Someone defined it this way: “Earwigs” – songs that we don’t really like at first, but they’re so catchy that we eventually end up liking them (termed earwigs because of the way they come in through our ears and burrow into our brains)."
Most recently for me, it's been Meghan Trainor's song "It's All About that Bass". I liked it the first several times I heard it...then it became annoying. For those of you that have missed it, here it is:


Since I'm in my sixth decade, music has changed a lot. Back in my younger days, we had a different type of bass in mind. Oddly enough, it caused earwigs back then too. Here's one of my favorites from circa 1963:


Listening to Mr. Bass Man finally cured me of my "It's All About that Bass" earwig. Unfortunately, I get the strangest looks when folks hear me muttering
boom boom boom boom
And a dit dit ba boom boom bom just have to live with them...There really is no cure.


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