Monday, July 9, 2012

Monkey Business or Lies the Monkeys Told Me

The wonderful thing about Facebook messages are they don't go away unless you archive them. Since my blog post of Star Trek: the Review that Wasn't.  I made the mistake of rereading a couple of  message exchanges with a MSM member...and I have to conclude I was definitely a victim of Monkey Business. Here were our last exchanges copied and pasted from Facebook.
  • Ron Asher
    June 3
    Ron Asher
  • Kimberly Sansone
    • Sir,

      I read the posts on the Magic Smoking Monkey Facebook page. We did respond to you. And stated that had you stayed a while longer, we would have been able to seat you at the 8p show or you had the option of attending the 1030p show. It was also noted, that your coupon was almost a year old (expiring in June) and had 5 different shows to see either with St. Louis Shakespeare or the winter Monkey show. We also made a $500 donation to the Kiwanis.
Here are the lies I was told:
  1.  At the box office, we were told repeatedly by Kathy that she did not have our reservations. She said she was sorry but due to fire codes we couldn't be seated at the 8:00 pm show.
  2. I was told by Kimberly that I would receive a phone call from Donna to discuss our missing reservations. This was promised to me twice. I never received a phone call. (Strangely enough, that would have soothed ruffled feathers.)
  3. A donation was made to the Kiwanis. Only one member of group was a Kiwanis member. I've heard two different amounts and wasn't able to reach Ann for verification.
  4. The members of my group still believe that we were bumped because a Monkey or St Louis Shakespeare party needed our tickets.  The only other answer is incompetence on the part of the box office.
  5. It was mentioned in my blog post that the certificate didn't have an expiration date. I was wrong and correct that now. However, it states: that it was good for 4 St Louis Shakespeare shows, the winter 2011 "It's a wonderful Life" production and/or "The One-Hour Indiana Jones Trilogy or similar parody in May 2012. Since we were turned away on May 19, 2012, by my calculations the gift certificate was still good. If you don't believe me... Here's the scanned document.

I have enjoyed the MSM's productions for years...I can forgive lost reservations...LIES are a bit harder for me to overlook.


Whit's Whittlings2 said...

Touche! :^)

Nancy said...

I would feel the same way.

Bookworm said...

Classic job of terrible customer service. I could accept the lost reservations if they had followed through with a phone apology...but don't lie to me or rewrite history. They tried to talk us into coming back for the 10:30 show after telling us we couldn't be seated for the 8 pm show. Ah well...time to let it go I guess. LOL

Bookworm said...

Thanks for commenting...Since I was emotionally involved in this incident, I couldn't really tell if I was overreacting.