Monday, July 16, 2012

A Triple D Adventure (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives)- Day 3

On the third day of our Triple D adventure, we decided to go to Amato's.  It's open for breakfast and lunch diner.  When we arrived all the parking lot was full so we pulled around to the back. Sam Amato had just pulled from a grocery run. He told us it was too hot to walk around the front just go in through the back door. We got a behind the scenes glimpse of their kitchen.

Amato's -Omaha, NE

Amato's- Omaha, NE

The place definitely has an old style diner feel to it. It was decorated with mementos from Guy Fieri's visit including photos and signed menus.

Amatos- Triple D Photo

Amato's Menu signed by Guy Fieri

We asked our waitress what did Guy have when they filmed the Triple D episode. She replied the Tri-Berry Ricotta Cheese pancakes and their homemade Italian sausage.  This was the episode where Guy made sausage for the first time. We had to try them...In a word...Awesome!!!  You could tell the sausage was fresh and homemade. The pancakes look odd with three different berries mixed into them. However, they were superb.

Ricotta Tri Berry Pancakes and Sausage

The thing that made the visit special were the Amato's.  They both spun stories about Guy's visit. They were warm and personable. Their love for their craft came through.  If you're ever looking for a great breakfast place in Omaha, try Amato's. 

This was our last stop on our Triple D adventure. We were going to try one more...but we couldn't locate it with our directions. Guess we need to come into the 21st century and get a smart phone...but that will be another story.


Heatherscot said...

I am not a fan of pig meat unless it is pulled pork or ribs dripping in bbq sauce..but that pancake with all those berries would make me happy! Thanks for sharing!

Bookworm said...

I think the pork sausage would make you happy too...They make it on site and it's not the typical processed store kind...It's loaded with flavor.

The pancakes with the berries and ricotta cheese simply fabulous too. Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight.

Whit's Whittlings2 said...

One time I had freshly-made sausage, and you are right! The flavor of that sausage cannot be matched by the store-bought kind.

Bella said...

wow, sounds good! I love to watch guy on the Food Network!

Bookworm said...

When Sam Amato showed Guy Fieri the process of how he made sausage, Guy couldn't believe it...Sam did the pounding with a bottle instead of a a mallet. Fun episode....The taste of the sausage was fantastic.

Bookworm said...

The Amatos said that Guy was just like he was on TV...a big kid who was always in the diner. They really liked him...unlike Man vs Food's Adam Richman. He had his own trailer and only came out of it after his crew had the shot lined up.

Bupu2 said...

Oh lordy that looks sooo good!