Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Humor

 photo 1361582018_zps6ae35640.jpg

 photo 1361582025_zpsd73d1ce5.jpg

 photo 1361582029_zps9517574f.jpg

 photo 1361582210_zps36b702c3.jpg

 photo 1361582215_zps4f08fddb.jpg

 photo 1361582216_zps91efd221.jpg

 photo 1361582220_zpsa0442a67.jpg

 photo 1361582222_zps1e2f101f.jpg

 photo 1361582030_zps0c3bfb65.jpg

 photo 1361582223_zps9be33fa6.jpg

 photo 1361582583_zps09ef0b5c.jpg

 photo 1361582587_zps0bddbe95.jpg


Bella said...

haha! those are funny!

Bookworm said...

Someone emailed them to me as Colorado Winter Humor...It fit St Louis the last few days...Glad you liked them.