Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interesting Times...a vacation curse- Embarkation Day 2

We've never been on a cruise before and we didn't know what to expect at the Embarkation Point where I.D. is checked sign and sail cards issued and the actual boarding of the ship takes place.  Our fellow travelers assured us that the lines would move swiftly in an organized fashion.  Guess what?  The interesting times curse hit again.  There was a huge slowly moving mass of people.
Carnival's computers were acting up. We arrived at the terminal at 1:30ish and staggered on board finally at around 2:50ish.  We went to our cabin where we were pleasantly surprised that our luggage was awaiting us. Chris unpacked a few things and checked her blood sugar. She gave herself an insulin shot and we started to go forage for food when the phone rang. It was her sister Mona reminding us of the meet and greet our group had at 3:30. 
We went to the meet and greet on the Promenade Deck and said hello to her family.  We told them we're going for food.  We were told "Take your Life jackets" because there'll be a lifeboat drill later on in the afternoon.  We trekked back to the stateroom and picked up the jackets and started for the Lido Deck when the drill was announced.

We reached our assigned stations and waited...and waited some more...and waited some more.  We were lined up on our deck three deep and still we waited.  I glanced over at Chris and realized she was in distress. The insulin had finally kicked in and we still hadn't made it to the Lido Deck for food.

Her eyes were a little unfocussed...beads of sweat on her forehead...and she was unsteady on her feet.  I called for a crew member and managed to get her seated.  They called for help from the infirmary...and we waited...and waited...and waited.  A fellow passenger stepped over and asked what was the matter and I explained her blood sugar had dropped. She had some breath mints and chewing gum that she gave Chris...while we waited some more.

Finally, the nurse and wheelchair arrived.  The infirmary was on Deck 0 while we were on Deck 8.  The lonnnggg trek to the infirmary began.  By the time, we reached the infirmary the sugar from the mints and gum had kicked in...They checked her over and released her.  It's a $30 charge to go to the infirmary onboard te ship.
We left and finally got some food in her.  The rest of the cruise would surely be uneventful...or would the curse of interesting times continue?



Check back for Day 3: Key West or Key Weird?

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