Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Night Music Featuring Carole King

 A Natural Woman

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


I Feel The Earth Move 

You've Got a Friend 



notacynic said...

I went through a Carole King week about mid-May. Even just walking around her music would play in my head. I searched out a bunch of her stuff on youtube, plus I have a greatest hits CD, and Tapestry. I pretty much decided that It's Too Late is the greatest soft rock song of all time.

Then it was gone. I still think she's great but the mood passed, or something. I even think John Lennon (and Paul too, for that matter) can rival her for best soft rock song.

Bookworm said...
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Bookworm said...

We went to see her Carole King and James Taylor in concert. It ranked in the top 10 concerts that I've seen. Great songwriter...Talented singer/musician.

What amazed me the most was her voice still sounding so good at 65+ years. If you check out the music posts I do, I'm all over the place so I totally understand how you had a Carole King week and then it was gone. Thanks for stopping by.

Bella said...

I loved her songs. Thanks for those!

Bookworm said...

Glad you enjoyed the Carole King tunes. Saw her last year in person...still can belt out the tunes.