Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogger Isn't Blogstream

I've been back on this reactivated blog for about a month now.  I've come to the conclusion that I really miss Blogstream. Even at its worst, the Stream was so much more user friendly for a nontechie to use than this convoluted mess called Blogger.

I like Bloggers ease of adding features...backgrounds...widgets...etc...but I am frustrated by the difficulty I have of commenting on your blogs. Sometimes my comments go through...sometimes they don't. All the techie garbage like what account am I logged in to...what profile did I use...oops can I decipher the word verification thingamagig...takes the fun out of blogging.

Siiiigggghhhh!!!  I'll give stick with it a while longer...but I really miss the Stream tonight.  I have to admit it...I even miss those blasted emoticons. It's late so I think I'll turn in and dream of days gone by on the Stream.


Anonymous said...

Some of us have turned off the verification thingy, hopefully everyone else will follow.

I miss the emoticons a lot too, as well as the ease of checking out other blogs. Hope you stay with it, as it's easy to follow you on blogspot. Do you like Wordpress any better?

Bookworm said...

Wordpress seems to make a little more sense to me. Although, I think yo can tweak your blog more in blogspot.

If I could figure out the comment thing, I wouldn't be quite so frustrated.

John The Squabbler said...

I guess I am pleased that changing the appearance of the page is easier. I never got the knack of it on Blogstream. Otherwise, my complaints are really the same as yours. I'm just happy to see so many of us from the Blogstream Diaspora have found a place where we can do what we love and still be amongst our friends.

notacynic said...

I agree. Why couldn't blogstream go on forever? !!! Skinny, I'm going to try to fix my page so that verification thing goes away.

Bookworm said...

Change is difficult for all of us...I like a lot of the new features...Just can't figure out some of the comment thing primarily...and like I said I miss those annoyin little emoticons. LOL

Bookworm said...

The Stream way of changing the background was a bit more difficult...but commenting was so much easier...Trade off I guess.

I've been thinking about my commenting problem...I have 2-3 google accounts due to blogs, work, etc...I probably am logged in to the wrong one although it lets me post...Makes no sense. Sigh