Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ninja Librarian

The bane of a librarian's existence is the inappropiate use of cell phones in the library.  People think nothing of talking on the infernal instruments in the reference area, while they're on the public internets, or more infuriating yet they hand you their library card while continuing their conversation: Do they want to check out books?  Are they here to pick up an inter-library loan?  Do they (gasp) want to pay their overdue fines?  Do they want to request books?  Do they just want to annoy the library staff?

What's a librarian to do?  Who can we call?  Finally, the answer was found on YouTube.  We the beleagured staff at your local library can call the NINJA LIBRARIAN.  He or she she can do solve the cell phone problem by doing what the rest of the library staff can only daydream about doing to solve the cell phone problem.



Anonymous said...

I like it. More libraries need to hire this guy.

Bookworm said...

I hate cell phones anyway...Have one...don't use it that much. Just another excuse to be rude in public...Wish restaurants came with a no cell phone dining area.