Sunday, April 3, 2011

Comment Fiasco

I have better things to do than complain about Blogger...really I do. I'm just frustrated at my inability to comment on some of your blogs...sometimes the comments go through...sometimes they don't  I realize some folks like to check the comment first before allowing it.  I've been assured by others that they don't block anyone...and yet most of my comments on your blogs never ever show up.

I've checked the Blogger Help section...which is even harder to decipher than the Streams.  I've gone to the FAQ sections and discussions on comments...and nothing seems to I'm appealing to my more experienced Blogger friends for a Idiot's Guide to Commenting. Here's what happens I go to post a comment...the comment box appears...I write my comment...I'm told to choose a profile.  I'm signed in through a Google Account so I select it and when I hit post it disappears forever.

I've tried my various accounts that I've had over the years in case I was using the wrong one...but nothing seems to help.  I thought I'd post my plea to help to see if anyone knows what's wrong before I try throwing myself on Bloggers mercy and contacting the powers that be who will think I'm n idiot...which in this case...they could very well be right. Yes...I still miss Blogstream where if you were signed in once you could comment on all blogs that allowed comments. This is Bloggers biggest weakness in my humble opinion... if you're logged in and able to post to your shouldn't have to dance through techie hoops to comment on other blogs that you follow. Rant completed...sigh. Please all advice or guidance is welcome.



CuteNuts said...

We have the same complains and sentiments. I miss the stream and can't avoid to compare. We have the same problems on here with regards to lost comments and nothing on FAQ here is clear enough to help solve our problems regarding the matter. replying and posting comments to the ones who commented on our own gets lost. Or maybe we're just both too naive yet how things work here on blogger. Which is frustrating and irritating. why does it have to be complicated to post a comment on our own blog or leave a comment on other. :/

Bookworm said...

As far as I know, I haven't lost any comments that I responded to on my blog...I just can't post on other people's blogs...That's why I admitted my ignorance and hoping someone can walk me through it...Otherwise, I'll stick with Wodpress.

Sherry said...

When I'm signed in to Blogger using my Google account, my name shows up in the drop down box. If I have to pick a sign in I'm not logged into Blogger.

Try using anonymous on my page to see what happens, just identify yourself as Bookworm.

On your comment widget under Choose an identity I'm reading Sherry (Google Account) and the offer to let me sign out, so your not signed into Blogger.

Bookworm said...

I had to switch to Google Chrome to get Blogger to work correctly...This was after adjusting Firefox with ideas from the Help Forum...I'm happy it's still doesn't make sense that I could post to my blog...and without signing wouldn't let me comment on other blogs. Drives me crazy...but at this's a mighty short use a golfer analogy. LOL

the yellow fringe said...

I had one or two disappear on me early on, not now, I am not sure why. Most of my troubles left after Scratch and Sherry and Skinny issued a number of suggestions. Still, I barely have something higher than hate for blogger and even less for tumblr.

Bookworm said...

It seems to have straightened out. I had to make some adjustments to Firefox but even that working. I had a patient help forum make some suggestions and one of them worked...Which one? I wish I knew.

Mister Ornery said...

I just experienced the limbo of the lost comment here. Started to leave one on your latest post and received some sort of error message that made no sense. (Probably an inexact translation from Sanskrit. Let's see how this one goes.

Bookworm said...

Mr O,
I'd be more at ease with Blogger if it hadn't been for my comment fiasco. Some things are better than the Stream...the comments thing definitely not.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this would help or not, here's what I do. To access this site I go to, using Firefox browser with no special modifications. I sign is using a gmail address (without the "" part) and the password for my gmail account. Then I'm in the site and no problems with commenting that I know. I mention this just in case you're logging in in a different way.